Логін   Пароль
  Забули пароль?  
Ольга Буруто (1987)

Рубрики / Іншомовні вірші

Іншомовна поезія

  1. The Coastline
    You are my coastline in the sea,
    Sunrise’s starting fluently
    And I’ll be there, for sure, for me,
    But you, of course, you shouldn’t be.
    And now nobody’s saying “go”.
    The same life moment as ago
    A few… a little time… I was
    Alone in this boat. And a cause
    Of those mistakes is this repeating.
    I’ll go, I’ll wait, and I’ll be missing,
    For sure, for me, but I have hope,
    That one day you will break this road,
    That you will say: “we go away
    From faulty ways to our way”.

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