•   it roughly rhymes
    so what
    it roughly rhymes
  •   i - - Ukr-to-Eng
  •   my dear Ukraine
    excruciating happiness
    sweet pain
  •   dear trolls
    dear trolls
    and unfriended friends
  •   thunderbolts of heart IX
    it cannot be
  •   just let you know
    estrangement walls
    nonstop simoons
  •   in gorges of my dream
    its likely
    Ill fall short
  •   Sonnet XXXII
    Apprise my barely melted heart that ages!
    Poor farness pleads and leads up to thawed patches,
  •   loco palindrome
    was a saw
    won now
  •   Sonnets XXX -XXXI
    Not much to lose, except pluck-feathered madness.
    Ideas yellow in a scribbled column.
  •   shocking news
    I can hardly describe
    each dimension and vibe
  •   playing with an eventide gravity
    the gravity of eventide
    got even with
  •   rebirth of a.m.
    Im sure
    who I was
  •   who am I
    who am I
    to garden your smile
  •   in the time of lunacy
    dusted off
    by fits and starts
  •   There is some light
    There is some magnitude in arms
    to hold a child unharmed and warm,
  •   oranges and apples
    they are
    less oranges
  •   out of the swoon
    our blindness
    came out of the swoon
  •   ship of pain
    sail your ship of pain across my love
    carried by the phantoms and swift wails
  •   A falling star
    From the bottom of my heart
    a mortal hope
  •   haiku in white - heedlessly-scattered notes - a temporal well
    haiku in white
  •   Yang's swan song
    Well, after all
    I tag along
  •   A young rimrock
    I can feel it.
    Right now,
  •   the whole shebang
  •   Unearth from your mineshafts
    Unearth from your mineshafts the eon of death,
    the shelf time for fossils is cut to an hour.
  •   Beheading smacks
    The last of rays is on his deathbed,
    a slab of fired clay. He grasps a move
  •   A railway station scent
    Dogs quested and the presence missed a soul.
    They scared away the rigor out of air.
  •   Too drunk to drive with haiku II and III
    the absence of sap
    and winds meaningful presence
  •   Cocoon of Love or i
    Shutting off
    the reading source
  •   An eyeful blink or
    An eyeful blink
    shakes off the lunar stillness,
  •   Harvesting wits or :)
    Hearsays dont read facts.
    They lend an ear
  •   The Locoweed Datura
    in a thorn apple orchard
    every nearby-river whisper
  •   Dots
    Dot... dot... dot...
    Three greetings
  •   The future of right now
    It seems
    I am the future
  •   Trails of stars
    Trails of stars live in the rusted bucket
    crammed with larvae,
  •   Gaudi of my rhymes
    Take a look, you missed a spot
    hunting down for fun my echoes.
  •   Sonnets XVI-XX
    Feel Poetry... dont touch a word... just painted...
    gain gravitation in the heart of Mecca,
  •   Making waveless seas
    More waves, those fondlers tangle us at sea,
    inside avidity, with susurrus and lewd.
  •   Jam in connectivity
    Weve nothing in common
    except not making a common sense.
  •   Bloody-wet
    soaked to the skin,
  •   My ration
    Wordsworth faded, Frost dispersed.
    Heavens left its fluff and feathers
  •   An open letter
    Im blue about my angels flaps and flops,
    each one could make a perfect sense for blatherskites and tattles.
  •   Seth and Seshat
    The drying sky cant ever be outgrown.
    And, when its dry, gray patterns tend to fade.
  •   Isis and Osiris
    Linger, my cognate and chosen,
    I heaped up gores of your flesh
  •   A Soldier's Heart (II)
    (another variation)
  •   Sonnets XI-XV
    The scattered world is an unthreaded necklace.
    Blue neck of sky remembers chinks and smashes.
  •   9.11.
    From New York and to Tora Bora
    Livid Past gnaws a corner stone,
  •   A soldier's heart
    The gaze stays wild and empty, half-and-half.
    Sharpshooters distance milks a golden calf.
  •   Hang on
    Im close to reach emptiness` dry-lands and closed
    To all what my pithiness mutters supposed
  •   Out of Status Quo
    Report the status.
    The status quo!
  •   Magnificent Whiteness
    Thinner and thinner are thoughts,
    almost transparent and crystal
  •   Sonnets VI-X
    Such as are forsaken words in endless fables,
    which freed and eavesdropped, grown inside enamored,
  •   Another Christmas Story
    She is a teen. She hates her guts
    For carrying God and growing jut.
  •   The tailor of my shade
    O Lord, you are the tailor of my shade.
    Sew it as solid one, not beetled over
  •   A wave of consciousness
    A surf
    The wave of consciousness to spurt.
  •   To be a bee
    bees come
  •   What is left of me
    What is left of me?
    I am snow-white scattered news,
  •   Tovtry
    (Translation of Oleksandr Diachenko "")
  •   Anxiety kicks up
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " Ͳ ")
  •   The wind of history
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "² в")
  •   Out here the only time
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " Ҳ ")
  •   I don't feel pity for myself
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " ˲")
  •   In memory of my mother
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "`Ҳ Ϊ ")
  •   Remember First
    The heart has lifted a curfew
    Imposed since Remember First.
  •   Revelation
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "")
  •   My point B
    A point A, a line AB,
    The clock I hardly try to beat
  •   Blue forest
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "Ͳ ˲")
  •   Following the music of a blind
    (Translation of Vladimir Shkliarenko " ")
  •   Last Muse
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " ")
  •   Reading my poetry
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " Dz")
  •   The wind is graceful
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " ²")
  •   A piquant lore
    A piquant lore
    in spills and spells,
  •   Right before the dusk
    Distant voices, sentenced to bespeak,
    settle for the emptiness to carry,
  •   Waves of lullaby
    Rock-a-bye, the sky
    spills the song for you.
  •   You dried out slowly
    You dried out slowly in a teardrop on my face,
    as rivers of caress, strong spirits in a glass.
  •   Made of stone or snow
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "' Ͳ")
  •   In a glass pub
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " Ͳ ̲")
  •   Ink
    My bloods my ink, a liquid form of thought.
    Its visible as wind and touchable by heart.
  •   Christ
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "")
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "")
  •   seizures
    dogs of the seizure were here
    barking appeased bitten through
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "Ͳ ")
  •   A WOMAN
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "Ʋ")
  •   They follow me
    They follow me by stomping on the newborn quest
    and watch their steps as if an abyss glares out there.
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " ϲ")
  •   To fly and fall
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "Ҳ ")
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk " Ͳ ")
    (Translation of Ihor Pavlyuk "IJ")
  •   Dreaming about Eternity
    Silently woe betides me,
    leaving myself in ruins.
  •   Dotted i's and crossed t's
    To take the bit between the teeth
    to dot the is and cross the ts.
  •   The angel of a presage
    Ive dearly wondered how her hair would look in gray,
    since she became a golden rush of my endorphins.
  •   A congregative place
    A holy place where shadows like a swarm of locusts,
    who bares the street perplexity straight to the bones.
  •   Black Friday
    The day was born to be as black
    as Fridays shopping spree.
  •   The appearance of White Wolf
    The chintz of night is in the bureau
    and takes all seven draws of sky.
  •   An iris on a blue and green
    To please an ogle to shed the scene
    where rays were caught by full-grown pupils.
  •   The song of Silence
    When Im holding the breath as a bird
    In the cage known by heart and for grieves,
  •   Sonnets I-V
    Whilst getting used to words, as to a dungeon,
    I muse. Like ashes in a hearth or swishes,
  •   The Land of Marigolds
    She harvests rains I dream about,
    Im waiting for, and tend to strand.
  •   Loopy journey
    Panes are readable by the nightfall,
    East is catching the sense of shading.
  •   An ocean in a drop
    As soon as levities of blows had ended with a trough,
    to moor the tarnished ship, the sky exhorted meddling clouds
  •   Billows to come
    When its nothing nada left in me for you to love
    and the meaning of the words compels them to expire,
  •   Raven's eye
    The world is staring straight at ravens eye,
    so desperate to shelter from Aloofness,
  •   Too drunk to drive with haiku
    hey Bloody Mary
    youre the last one to shed
  •   Beaks chock-full of news
    The day has reached the point so easy to peruse
    about two grackles strutting with beaks chock-full of news.
  •   A tang of wishful tango
    Her smile is sculptured scarcely with muscles.
    It makes the lips convincing and seductive,
  •   The storm ends
    The moony mood is volatile like stems of aqua-sepaled clouds,
    and potpourris of sentient vibes unhold its wilt on tenterhooks.
  •   the subtle overture
    the subtle overture before it rains
    a sonic jag for jabbers isnt jaded
  •   moonlit blues
    the moon is blue
    an opened mouth of darkness
  •   Brrr
    the brittle breeze is breeding in a briskly brook
    her brevity of breathing broadens to the brinks
  •   haunted memories
    the body shrouded in flowers
    is resting in peace
  •   A neap tide of emotions
    Oh, nothing else would wring my heart so deadly-hard
    as the deficiency of outer force to squeeze it.
  •   chirping cricket
    faintly annoying chirping
    of mate-calling cricket
  •   freshly squeezed
    from the bottom of womans curiosity
    taste freshly squeezed
  •   Flipping a coin
    When time was crucial and booked
    for stories piled up to cook,
  •   Rising Sun ikebana
    Oh peasants soiled hands, you cherished final plan,
    for I was growing hope in grains of boggy plant.
  •   Bringing to life
    It could be imprinted on fingers like these
    emotions demolished the way to appease,
  •   Dial tone
    Dialed three sixes and nine double one
    wires connected to silence. Im done,
  •   This goodbye
    This goodbye, long and sharp, gets weaker,
    when the edges of winds are thin
  •   Sifting the poetry
    Latterly, literally - little for love
    showing while stitching last row to the row.
  •   Vined over shrine
    Open your heart for spirit to breathe.
    Church is your lungs and chorus - for breeze.
  •   Creating an universe
    If the poetry is a fortune,
    so I must be the fortuneteller.
  •   Revival of the Truth
    Lo and behold - its really you, my Lord!
    As I am spitting in the wind, you - blood.
  •   Urban snap-shot
    While solar light gets mummified
    from being shot and brought on slide,
  •   Anger management
    Persuaded myself -
    not to hold on leash chocking me anger.
  •   Playing with innocence
    You are playing with innocence
    a little childs building castles in a sand.
  •   Nutty cry.
    (translation of ˳ " ")
  •   When to your lips
    (translation of " ")
  •   Taking the breath
    Oh Sea of Misery and Sorrow,
    your salty waters cry and thirst.
  •   Moment of Truth
  •   Angel`s eyes
  •   Chrysanthemums
    (translation of "")
  •   Fluctuation
    Bull nailed down two golden horns
    and Bear raised its chest for hugging.
  •   Calmness is near
    Wind is eager to break its record -
    throwing calm-ward flaked-frosted air,
  •   Driving
    Aren't seats for people? Please stow your stuff,
    days fly unnoticed, next stops - too many,
  •   When it's time
    So much filthiness lips are ready for breeding.
    ...passing sense, creatures-words are about to be born.
  •   A fiddler on the roof
    Another day - a fiddler on the roof
    composes melodies of lasting lights.
  •   I am wounded with a mute shadow
    (translation of
    " i i")
  •   Reluctance and Faith
    I wont walk these corridors -
    webbed neuronic grids.
  •   Let it rain
    The radiance of sun
    laid solar spawns on soil,
  •   Guilder-rose's charms
    (translation of "i ")
  •   Unfading
    (translation of "")
  •   Evening melancholies
    (translation of " 볿")
  •   Empty bottle
    Whisky bottle
    empty tummy,
  •   Luigi's dialogs
    (translation of "i ii")
  •   Grey night
    (translation of " ")
  •   As always
    So many promises are lingering - a break,
    Too many sleeping pills remembrance tends to take.
  •   Three passions
    (translation of " ")
  •   Silver
    (translation of "i")
  •   Lust in dashes
    Hearts are pushy with eruptions,
    Heaving in the temples pressure.
  •   Farewell to Indian Summer
    This striking day
    is the last of the Mohicans
  •   The city
    This citys cracked
    by soulless crooks
  •   Tonight
    Tonight no word will grieve its loss and give a whit,
    Since our hands are soaring in the same direction.
  •   Truth in your fist
    Honesty and Trust two birds
    lured Gods Chirping into ears.
  •   Self-reflection
    Sometimes I see myself as tiny kite.
    It glides on Winds of Bliss and Fortune.
  •   Well of Loving
    When my hair turns to gray -
    doesnt mean - Im looking wiser.
  •   Clouds collision
    Clumsy clashes clouds collision,
    revolutionary march of drops.
  •   Vaya con Dios
    Vaya con Dios! days are puffed and rush is lost,
    the Angel Death erases distance to the shoulders.
  •   Mister Time
    Be brave Mister Time Im recalling the Future.
    You come without Hope to assure our Glory and Fame.
  •   States of emotion
    so selfishly cruel
  •   Eyes are inhaling
    Eyes are inhaling hot sundown,
    like strong addiction - grave smoke.